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Why WalkFoundation?

Our initiative focuses on tapping a segment of population completely unaware about knee degeneration and available medical facilities.
These facilities will be strengthened beginning at a grassroot level- from districts and talukas of different States and regions.

In addition to an elaborate architecture complimenting Indian habits, the lead factor that distinguishes our Foundation from competitors is the basic cost of the prosthesis. The market price for the Keen implant Indus range between INR 80000-95000with additional surgery cost  and hospital stay. WalkFoundation provides a comprehensive package within the above price range which includes implant cost + Surgery + Hospitatal stay+ Medications , Physiotherapy etc.

Apart from the highly competitive price, the Prosthesis used by WalkFoundation has the following features:

  • Extensive research tested product by an Orthopedic specialist of international repute
  • Hi Flexion Knee, 135%, available in different sizes backed up by region-specific research (India, Asia)
  • Low incidence of recurrence surgeries
  • Durable wear resistant prosthesis
  • Equal thickness of Posterior and Distal Condyle
  • Posterior cruciate substituting design with femoral rollback post and Cam mechanism